We Are Tactical, Multi-Asset Investors


We implement a market neutral approach combining three complementary strategies to generate returns that are independent of the market while neutralizing systematic risk. Our multi-strategy portfolio consists of a shorter-dated yield-oriented portfolio, a convertible arbitrage strategy and macro hedging portfolio. Low correlation and low risk are consistent with our approach.


Income investors require a greater degree of flexibility to invest across bond sectors, equity income securities and hybrids in order to find opportunities throughout changing market conditions. We apply a tactical approach, aligning bottom-up fundamental security selection with top-down asset allocation views to generate income and manage downside risks.


Global investors building “differentiated” core portfolios require a flexible multi-asset approach that is diversified across asset classes, sectors and securities to navigate the market for opportunities. We apply a tactical approach, aligning bottom-up fundamental security selection with global top-down asset allocation views to achieve client outcomes.

Investment Approach

Aligning Security Selection with Top-Down Macro Views

We apply both bottom-up and top-down considerations as part of our process utilizing both fundamental and quantitative tools to evaluate macro, micro and technical conditions across a wide range of asset classes.


Our continuum of multi-asset solutions maintains defined strategic allocations, a high degree of emphasis on being tactical and a discipline geared toawrd downside risk management.

Strategic Allocation

Tactical Allocation

Downside Risk Management

Our Team

Our Multi-Asset Team is supported by industry analysts and research groups that are involved throughout the portfolio management process. We take a unique approach to multi-asset investing by following a fundamental bottom-up process to invest in high-quality income-producing securities with undervalued earnings potential. By combining our core U.S. Value investment principles with a multi-asset approach, we have the flexibility to navigate challenging market environments using various asset classes, including cash to limit absolute downside risk.

Investment Professionals
Based in Dallas
*as of 03/31/18

Multi-Asset Team

Mark R. Freeman, CFA
Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer, Senior Portfolio Manager
Todd L. Williams, CFA
Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Senior Research Analyst
Daniel Barnes, CFA
Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Global Analyst

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