Equifax recently announced a severe security breach that may have exposed private information belonging to 143 million individuals. While you may have never dealt directly with Equifax, the company tracks financial transactions for most consumer loans, mortgages, revolving lines of credit, and credit card accounts.

Equifax has not released full details on the compromised data but it is believed to contain Social Security numbers, dates of birth, home addresses, current bank accounts and even driver license numbers. Based on the scope of this breach, experts believe there is a 50% likelihood that your personal data was included in this breach.

While you may not have signed up with Equifax service, you cannot stop your personal data from being reported to this credit reporting service. The effect of this breach is expected to be felt for many years and will effectively force everyone to monitor their credit, and possibly the credit of their young children and older parents, more closely to prevent attempts at fraud…

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